Explosions and Clashes Cause casualties in Hasakah

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Al-Hasakah As violence intensifies in different areas in Syria, few civilians were killed and others injured due to the explosion of a bombed car in al-Hasakah city, north-eastern Syria.


A car that belonged to Noad Khalil, a member of the ruling Baath Party, was bombed by an annonimous party, and exploded near the Azizia neighbourhood in al-Hasakah on Sunday. Not far from the same neighbourhood, another explosion took place near al-Wehda primary school in Azizia neighbourhood. The second explosion was alos caused by a bombed vehicle according to eyewitnesses.

Sources in al-Hasakah told ARA News that residents reported the explosion to the local authority, but no action was taken by the latter.

However, the city saw a remarkable security alert on Monday and Tuesday. The pro-Assad forces situated tanks arround Azizia neighbourhood and surrounded the area by troops and snipers. On the other hand, an armed group –allegedly affiliated with the opposition forces– controlled the public hospital in al-Hasakah in an attempt to found strongholds in the city that was partially dominated by the Assad regime since the start of the ongoing uprising, March 2011. No clashes occured between the regime forces and the members of the armed group since the latter situated its arms in the hospital, eastern the city. 

The Kurdish Democratic Union Party PYD –an affiliation of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK)– declared the domination of its armed wing –the Popular Protection Units YPG– on a number of areas north and north-eastern Syria, where the Kurds form the majority of population, including neighbourhoods in al-Hasakah city.

Confrontations between the Kurdish fighters of the YPG and armed groups from the opposition occured several times over the last few months in the areas were the YPG is dominant. Last week, a clash between the YPG and an armed group calling itself “the national army” took place in al-Hasakah, near the Mufti district. Consequently, 5 fighters from the “national army”group were reportedly killed, and the PYD declared the control of its armed wing –YPG– right after the clashes.

According to activists, such clashes reflect a sectarian hostility among the Arabs and the Kurds in the area, blaming the regime itself for the reinforcement of the division among the components of the Syrian society. several agreements were signed between the Kurdish forces of the YPG and the armed groups of the Free Syria Army (FSA) in the northern areas during the recent months, but none of these agreements were practically implemented, and clashes continuously occure from between both sides. 


Source: ARA News


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