Syr­ian Air Strikes Kill 16 Civil­ians in Kur­dish Vil­lage

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On Sun­day, Syr­ian rights activists reported that the gov­ern­ment forces launched an airstrike on the Kur­dish vil­lage of Had­dad, result­ing in 16 casu­al­ties among civilians.

The Britain-​based Syr­ian Obser­va­tory for Human Rights issued a state­ment say­ing that the gov­ern­ment air strike tar­geted the vil­lage near Qamishli city, north­east­ern Syria. Sev­eral women and chil­dren were among those killed in Sunday’s attack.


“We were just sit­ting at home when we first heared a mil­i­tary air­plane fly­ing above the vil­lage,” said the mother of one of the vic­times in a recorded footage pub­lished by activists. “Once we took to the street in order to check what was going on, the plane started fir­ing against our houses, we didn’t have the chance to run away, and our chil­dren became easy tar­gets to the missiles.”

The vil­lage of Had­dad, with a major­ity pop­u­la­tion of Kurds, didn’t see any clashes between the oppo­si­tion forces of the Free Syria Army (FSA) and that of the régime since the start of the two-​year-​old crisis.

One of the main strate­gies used by the pro-​Assad forces in the ongo­ing war is to tar­get any areas dom­i­nated by the FSA, even if pop­u­lated by civil­ians. How­ever, the Sun­day strike merely tar­geted the res­i­dents of Had­dad which has never hosted any rebel forces.

Accord­ing to activists, the régime’s forces are try­ing to impose their grip on the north­east­ern areas which is not con­troled yet by the rebels, point­ing out that the real war against the Kur­dish peo­ple in Syria has started.

Source: ARA News

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