Turk­ish Forces Clash with Syr­ian Rebels at Bor­der­ing Tel Abyad

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Red­wan Bezar-​Tel Abyad

On Thurs­day, unprece­dented clashes occurred at the Syrian-​Turkish bor­ders between the Turk­ish forces and rebels from the Free Syr­ian Army (FSA), in Tel Abyad city, north Syria. One FSA rebel and a Turk­ish sol­dier were killed, beside four injuries among civil­ians due to the clashes.

The clashes occurred after an attempt by the Turk­ish bor­der guards to close the bor­ders “due to the chaos at the Syr­ian side of the bor­der check­point in Tel Abyad”.

The FSA rebels, the sole dom­i­nant force in the city and its bor­der with Turkey, protested against the Turk­ish deci­sion because of the impor­tance of keep­ing the bor­der open to receive the injuries of the two-​year-​old war in Syria. Con­se­quently, both sides opened fire against each other, result­ing in two casu­al­ties from both par­ties and four injuries among civilians.

Accord­ingly, the Turk­ish gov­ern­ment has report­edly rein­forced the secu­rity at the Turk­ish side of the bor­der­ing point, con­straints are imposed on any­one who tries to cross and enter Turkey, and injuries are pre­vented from being trans­ferred to Turk­ish hospitals. 

The rebels are there­fore trans­fer­ring the injured peo­ple due to the airstrikes –car­ried out by the régime forces– to the neigh­bor­ing city of Raqqa. 

Most of the check­points at the Syr­ian bor­ders with the neigh­bor­ing coun­tries, includ­ing that with Turkey, are con­trolled by the Syr­ian rebels and are con­sid­ered strong­holds for the oppo­si­tion forces after con­stant clashes with the forces of Assad régime, and the régime is cur­rently launch­ing airstrikes against these neigh­bor­ing areas in order to weaken the opposition’s grip there.

Source: ARA News

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