Water scarcity in Syria’s Qamishli indicates a humanitarian crisis

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – Since more than a month, the city of Qamishli, north-eastern Syria, is suffering a real crisis with a continuous interruption of water flow in several neighborhoods. Qamishli, mainly populated by Kurds, face currently serious humanitarian crisis since the eruption of clashes between some armed groups –claiming alliance to opposition— and forces loyal to the Assad regime, early in April, mainly in the southern part of the city.

The clashes of April caused damage in the infrastructure in the southern areas of the city. According to activists, the damage could be seen on the electricity’s high-tension networks –basic towers concerned with generating electricity in the city.

“Bombing the electricity towers of Qamishli’s southern area is the main reason for the interruption of water flow in the entire city, since no more electricity is being generated to the wells from that area,” an employee in the water department, preferred to stay anonymous.

He added to ARA News that the city relies no water flowing from two basic sources of wells; one is located in the western neighborhood of Hilaliah, and another one in southern Qamishli. “These sources suffer a lack of electricity since more than twenty days,” the employee stated.

Moreover, neither the City Council nor the main water company could provide any alternatives to the residents, who are still suffering from this issue. According to sources, both institutions have merely five tanks, from which only two are currently working to provide unsatisfactory quantity of water needed for residents to survive –only estimated 200 houses receive water out of tens of thousands of families suffering its lack.

The issue, as observers point out, will most likely escalate while summer approaches.

Residents of Qamishli resorted recently –as a matter of necessity—to digging water-wells in front of their houses, but with little success.

The estimated population of Qamishli city is 500 thousand residents, beside the displaced families from other areas in Syria, who have fled their homes escaping the increasing violence between the regime’s forces and rebels. In terms of population, Qamishli constitute the largest city in the north-eastern province of al-Hasakah –populated with a majority of Kurds.


Source: ARA News

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