Celebrating International Children’s Day in Syria, Kurds resist war



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QAMISHLI, Syria – Amid the continuous war between the rebel forces and that of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria, civil activities remain present to indicate people’s determination to survive despite the poor humanitarian situation in the country.

Although it sees clashes from time to time, the Kurdish area northeastern Syria remains relatively secure in comparison with other Syria’s regions.

The organization of The Kurdish Woman –affiliated with the Kurdish Yekiti Party in Syria– organized a concert in the city of Qamishli on Tuesday June 25, 2013, celebrating the International Children’s Day.

A number of Children aged between 7 and 13 years-old participated in the activities of the concert, through playing music, folk dancing and taking part in theatrical performances.

Koma Xelat is a well-known Kurdish folk band in Qamishli that contributed to the activities of the concert and performed Kurdish folk music.

According to activists, the Kurdish people in Syria try to resist against the psychological effects the current war may leave on their children, and that music and other civil activities may be the best way to express the determination of clinging to life despite the surrounding death in Syria.

“Celebrating the International Children’s Day in Qamishli at this difficult phase in Syria illustrates our love for life and our willing to face the devastating weapons with music and dance,” said Mezgin Um Shilan, a member of the Kurdish Woman organization. “Today we celebrate because we care about our children who are suffering the most amid the prevailing violence in the country.”

Mezgin told ARA News that the organization bears the responsibility of defending the basic rights of children in Syria. “We emphasize that our children are equal to those of the rest of the world, and their rights are acknowledged and guaranteed by the international conventions,” She stated. “The Kurdish children suffered remarkable suppression as they were deprived of their basic civil rights as Kurds, and this is an opportunity to gain a recognition with the legitimate rights of our children.”

“One of the basic rights for Kurdish children in Syria is the right to learn in their mother tongue, to live a safe and secure life,” Mezgin added in an interview with ARA News. 

Muhammad Mustafa, a Syrian Kurdish lawyer and political activist, addressed the attendants in a speech in which he stressed on the importance of celebrating the International Children’s Day “because of the significant meanings of this day and the necessity of celebrating children since they are the future’s founders”.

“We are gathering here today to call not only for the rights of the Kurdish children, but also for the rights of all the Syrian children, especially those who are suffering from the acute shortage in the basic requirements to survive due to the ongoing war,” Mustafa said. 


Report by: Mahmoud Semo

Source: ARA News

(Editing by: Adib Abdulmajid)



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