Kurdish outrage in Amude on PYD’s detention for activists




ARA News

AMUDE, Syria — A number of Syrian Kurdish activists declared on Wednesday an initiative of holding a hunger strike, showing solidarity with their peers detained by the armed forces of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD) in the Kurdish city of Amude, northeastern Syria.

Last week, the PYD’s armed forces of the Popular Protection Unites (YPG) carried out a campaign of arrests against a number of prominent Kurdish activists in Amude city. Among them were members of local coordination committees for civil society activities and a member of the Kurdish Yekiti Party.

Under the pretext of protecting civilians, the YPG forces have also installed checkpoints at the entrances of several streets in the city.

The hunger strikers motivated residents of Amude to take to the street and protest against the YPG’s practices.

The Local Coordination Committee of Amude organized a protest in the city center to condemn those practices against the activists in the city. Dozens of residents participated carrying lifts called for an immediate release of the detained activists.

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) took over the city after the withdrawal of the Syrian regime’s forces, November 2012.

As the security vacuum prevails across the northeaster areas in Syria –populated with a majority of Kurds– the PYD and its armed forces (the Popular Protection Units or YPG) try to impose their grip on the region.


Report by: Idris Huta


Source: ARA News



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