Kurdish-Kurdish conflict is a red line, PYD leader says



ARA News – Exclusive

Saleh Muslim, the joint head of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD), pointed out in an interview with ARA News that “some groups plan to remove the authority of the Kurdish people in Syria, as represented by the Popular Protection Units (YPG)” −the military wing of (PYD).

Muslim accused those “groups” −in a reference to other Kurdish parties and activists− of preventing the Kurdish people from performing their legitimate role in the region.

“Therefore, they put an ambush in front of a group of the Popular Protection Unit’s (YPG) forces when they were on their way to enter Amude city in such a malicious manner, causing the death of a member of the YPG’s forces,” Muslim said, adding: “To those who deny this fact, I have evidences and documents to prove my statement.”

In an interview on phone with ARA News, Muslim said: “The Asayish (or YPG) forces represent a part of the institutions that we have established within the autonomy of the Kurdish areas in Syria.”

Regarding the withdrawal of a number of Kurdish political parties in Syria from the Kurdish Supreme Council (KSC) −an extended political umbrella for a number of Syria’s Kurdish parties− in respect with the last week’s incidents in Amude city −where a number of activists were reportedly killed after the YPG’s forces opened fire against demonstrators and arrested dozens− Muslim said: “We do our best not to preserve the KSC from collapsing. We are definitely aware of the sensitive and crucially historical phase we go through these days, that’s why we constantly emphasize the inability of one-party to take over power and control the Kurdish area in Syria.”

“We informed the other parties that there is a remarkable power vacuum in the area and we have to fill it, but, unfortunately, they refused to consider the YPG as a national Kurdish force,” he told ARA News. “As for the withdrawal of some political parties from the Council, it is not our problem, but we are supposed to unify our efforts to protect our people at this stage.” Muslim added.

Muslim insisted that a Kurdish-Kurdish conflict in Syria is “a red line”.

“We call upon all media activists and journalists to depict the real image of the Kurdish political movement in Syria and illustrate to the public who are the most willing leaders to ‘sell our people for some dollars’,” he argued.

Muslim stressed that the Asayish’s (YPG) forces receive regular instructions from their leaders who were recruited by the Kurdish Supreme Council (KSC).

“There are some claims that the KSC is totally suspended and it does not perform its duties any more. However, that is not quite accurate as we are trying to activate the council in an efficient way,” he added.

Muslim pointed out that the PYD is holding constant contacts with other Kurdish political forces. “Those contacts are aimed at correcting the path of the incidents and resolving the outstanding problems that have always formed obstacles in the face of a Kurdish compromise, beside the misunderstandings resulted from the Amude incidents,” he said. “There are other parties that need to move away from the political scenery in Syria as they have continuously dealt with the enemies of the Kurds.”


Interview by: Rebwar Boski and Nobar Ismail

Translated by: Abdul Ilah Ibrahim

Source: ARA News


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