Barzani to Syrian Kurds: Do not evacuate your region



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The recent influx of Syrian refugees into Kurdistan Region, with the opening of the border crossing of Semalka, is cosidered one of the biggest waves of displaced Syrians that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) should cope with.

Many of these refugees were sent to mosques and public schools as a temporary measure until providing them with proper shelters.

Nevertheless, the Syrian Kurdish parties and forces condemned the huge influx of the Kurds, which may cause a demographic change in the north of Syria and lead to problems for the government of Kurdistan Region in the absence of a considerable International support.

President of Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani, appealed to the Syrian Kurdish people (referred to as Western Kurdistan or Rojava) to stay in their land and defend it against the recent attacks and apparent attempts to evacuate the area of its residents.

He also called on Syrian Kurds to struggle for achieving their legitimate national rights.

Barzani said in a statement issued by the General Bureau of the KRG that with the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, thousands of Kurds from Western Kurdistan flowed into the Kurdistan Region and were settled in refugee camps.

He pointed out that, “unfortunately”, the International Community didn’t provide these refugees with a minimum humanitarian aid.

Barzani also applauded the big efforts of the Kurdistan Regional Government in providing the refugees with needed supplies.

He reiterated that Kurds of Western Kurdistan (Syrian Kurds) should stay and defend their lands and to make efficient efforts in order to attain their legitimate rights in Syria.

He also urged the International Community to bear its responsibilities in providing the refugees with the urgent humanitarian aid and supplies.


Source: ARA News


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