Kurdish brigade withdraws from two areas near Aleppo, to ensure civil peace



ARA News

Aazaz, Aleppo, SyriaــOn Thursday, the General Command of Jabhat al-Akrad brigade −fighting under the umbrella of the Free Syrian Army (FSA)− issued a statement declaring the brigade’s decision to withdraw from its headquarters in al-Bab and Aazaz regions, in the northern suburb of Aleppo, to ensure the safety of civilians.

The decision came after the risks the Kurdish villages encountered by the FSA battalions linked to the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) and al-Nusra Front.

In a phone call with the Media Office of al-Akrad brigade, a leading member told ARA News that the General Command decided to withdraw because some extremist armed groups have kidnapped more than 400 civilians in the area.

Moreover, the extremists decided to execute 10 young men from the village of Tal Eran before the statement was issued. 

“So, it is necessary to withdraw from those areas in an attempt to stop the death sentence against the 10 young men and to release the captive civilians as the extremists promised,” the leading member said. 

According to the Media Office of al-Akrad brigade, several FSA battalions cooperated with the Islamist groups in their fight against the Kurds.

“Different FSA brigades participated in the ISIS and al-Nusra Front’s attacks against our strongholds and Kurdish villages.”

According to the statement issued by the General Command of  Jabhat al-Akrad,  the main objective of the brigade since its establishment is fighting “the Baathist regime” (Assad regime).

“However, as our strongholds have been fiercely attacked by ISIS backed by several battalions of the FSA, kidnapping and murdering Kurdish civilians, we have decided to withdraw from these villages and areas to save the lives of civilians, we do not want civilians to suffer more,” the statement read.

Jabhat al-Akrad was formed by a number of Kurdish fighters who defected the Assad army mid-2012 to fight side by side with the FSA’s brigades against the Assad regime.


Report by: Ridwan Bizar

Source: ARA News

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