Kurdish Leader to ARA News: YPG defends Kurdish Dignity in Syria



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Amude, Syriaــ Aldar Khalil, leader of the Democratic Society Organization of TEV DEM −linked to the Democratic Union Party (PYD)− and member of the Kurdish Supreme Council (KSC) said that the assassination of the Kurdish leader Issa Hisso in Qamishlo/Qamishli last week was a “cowardly act” that took place as the Kurds started to become a “strong force in northern Syria and cannot be merely marginalized in the region”.

In an exclusive interview with ARA News, Khalil pointed out that different Syrian factions try to exclude the Kurds from the political scenery.

“They fight against the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people,” he said.

Regarding the assassination of the Kurdish leader Issa Hisso, Khalil did not accuse any particular party.

“There is a specialized committee investigating the incident, and we will wait for the outcome of the ongoing investigation to know who stands behind this condemned act,” he added.

“The Kurdish region in Syria is exposed to a violent campaign by the extremist brigades,” Khalil stated as referring to the recent events in the Kurdish region. “This attack is not targeting a particular political party (in a reference to the PYD); it is rather an attack against the entire Kurdish people.”

According to Khalil, different Kurdish political parties opposed the formation of the PYD’s armed wig of the Popular Protection Units (YPG).

“Since the establishment of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) that we supported, many parties opposed it. However, now we see the YPG as defending the honor and dignity of the Kurdish people in Syria,” Khalil expressed his party’s readiness to defend the Kurdish region.

In regard with the bloody incidents in Amude city, when the YPG forces opened fire against Kurdish protesters, killing and injuring dozens, Khalil said:

“What is found so far in the investigation concerning this issue is that there was no deliberate intention by the Popular Protection Units (YPG) forces to kill any Kurd. There were protesters who tried to provoke them and killed one of their personnel, only then the YPG reacted, However, the specialized Investigation Committee continues its work, but the current conditions in our region hindered their work.”

Aldar Khalil insisted that there is no intention by the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq to open the crossing on the Syrian-Iraqi borders.

“We wonder about the reason behind closing the crossing, we know that even states which are  fighting each other keep the borders open for humanitarian reasons,” he added.

Regarding the recent contact between the PYD and the Turkish authorities, he said that the visit of Saleh Muslim −the joint head of PYD− to Turkey came after receiving an official invitation from the Turkish government during which he held meetings with “prominent figures” from the Turkish Foreign Ministry. Khalil denied that Muslim has met officials from the Turkish intelligence.


Report by: Idris Huta

Source: ARA News


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