Assad: Syria capable of facing ‘any external aggression’



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The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on Sunday that his regime is capable of defending itself against any Western intervention. 

“Syria is capable of facing up any external aggression just as it faces up to internal aggression every day by terrorist groups and those who support them,” Assad told the Syrian News Agency, SANA.

Assad’s statement came after the U.S. President Barack Obama decided to seek congressional approval for a “limited” military strike in Syria. 

The Syrian President emphasized that his military forces are “recording victory after victory”. 

The Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister, Faisal al-Mikdad, has reportedly said that the American President is hesitant to take any action against his country. 

“Obama was clearly hesitant, disappointed and confused when he spoke yesterday,” al-Mikdad told reporters in Damascus. 

Obama’s decision effectively pushes back any military action aimed at punishing Assad’s regime, over an purported deadly poison gas attack, until at least Sept. 9, when U.S. lawmakers return from their summer recess. 

The United States and other Western and Arab countries have blamed the Syrian government for the suspected Aug. 21 attack, which Washington says killed more than 1,400 people- accusations Damascus categorically denies. 

With Obama drawing back from the brink on Saturday, France said it could not act alone in punishing Assad for the Aug. 21 attack, making it the last remaining top Western ally to hesitate about bombing Syria.

“France cannot go it alone,” Interior Minister Manuel Valls told Europe 1 radio. “We need a coalition.”

President Francois Hollande reaffirmed to Obama on Saturday his will to punish Syria but has come under increasing pressure to put the intervention to parliament.



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