Inaccurate anticipations led Kurds to inefficiently Join Syrian Coalition



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In an interview with ARA News, Ali Tammeh, leading member of the Kurdish Future Movement in Syria, said that the Kurdish National Council’s (KNC) decision to join the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) came “late” and needs “reconsideration”.   

“Joining the ranks of the largest opposition umbrella −the SNC− is definitely an important step for the Kurds to take,” Tammeh said. “However the Kurdish National Council’s recent decision to do so was not sufficiently evaluated, especially with regards to the Kurdish conditions on the SNC before practically joining it.”  

According to the Future Movement’s prominent leader, the Kurdish Council expected a near fall of the Assad regime as the U.S. threats to launch a strike on Syria mounted over the last two weeks. “That’s why the KNC tried to accelerate the process of joining the National Coalition and took a ‘quick’ and ‘non-prepared’ decision, without taking into consideration the popular calls and the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people in Syria,” he told ARA News.   

Tammeh argued that although the SNC and the KNC reached an agreement regarding the Kurdish Council’s (KNC) participation in the ranks of the SNC, “the agreement was not completely convincing for the Kurds. Thus, the KNC does not seem to practically join the SNC,” he said 

Tammeh expressed the Kurdish Future Movement’s willingness to contribute to any political process that can guarantee a“fair solution to the Kurdish issue in Syria” and a “pluralistic state to ensure equality between the different components of the Syrian community”. 

The Kurdish National Council (KNC) is a coalition of 13 Kurdish political parties in Syria, while the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) is considered the largest umbrella to the Syrian opposition and revolutionary forces.

“The Kurdish efforts in Syria need to be more organized, and there is an urgent need to reach an actual unity between the various Kurdish factions; otherwise, nobody has the right to speak in the name of the Kurdish people,” Ali Tammeh said. 

Regarding the displacement movement the Kurdish areas saw over the last few weeks, Tammeh emphasized the importance of taking the consequences of this issue into account, and called on the Kurdish displaced families to return to their areas, “because leaving the Syrian Kurdish region serves no one but the enemies of the Kurds”.   

Ali Tammeh finds that the international community is “not serious” in dealing with the Syrian crisis, arguing that the Syrian people should depend on themselves in ousting the tyrannical regime of Assad, “because the international community does not care about the innocent victims of Assad war against Syrians.” 


Interview by: Zara Seida

Source: ARA News

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