Thousands of civilians besieged in Syria’s Muaddamiya



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Abu Dhabi, UAE − As in many areas across Syria, the violent bombings and continuous shelling with various types of weapons on the residential neighbourhoods in Damascus suburbs, especially in the town of Muaddamiya al-Sham, resulted in dozens of casualties among civilians; most of them women and children, according to the Local Coordination Committees (LCC) in Damascus suburb.

More than 6000 woman and child are among the besieged residents of the town of Muaddamiya, according to the LCC.   

The LCC activists said that the northern and western fronts in the city are still witnessing violent clashes between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the pro-Assad militias, “in which the regime’s forces try to take over the town, causing a mass destruction in the area,” the LCC in Damascus suburb added on its page on the social networking site of Facebook.  

Activists said that the situation is catastrophic in Muaddamiya, where residents are suffering a remarkable shortage in basic supplies under the continuous shelling of pro-Assad army.   

“The town is besieged since more than ten months; the fact that led to a shortage in the basic supplies, including food, beside the constant cut in the electricity, and the humanitarian situation is deteriorating day by day, threatening the lives of thousands of civilians in Muaddamiya,” activists reported.   

The main medical center in the town is continuously receiving dozens of injured civilians without being capable of providing the needed treatment due to the lack of the necessary medical supplies. 

 “We suffer from an acute shortage in the essential medical supplies due to the siege imposed by the regime,” a doctor in Muaddamiya said.   

On Sep. 12, Avaaz Organization launched a campaign on its official website under the title save the remaining Syrian civilians in Muaddamiya

Avaaz contributors called on the U.N to bear its responsibility towards the besieged civilians in the town of Muaddamiya, who suffer the most under the crackdown of the Syrian regime forces, backed by militias of Shabeeha and the so-called Popular committees, causing a real humanitarian crisis.


Report by: Rwaida al-Harfoush

Source: ARA News

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