Syrian boy on Arabs’ Got Talent: I lost my piano amid bombings



ARA News

Although the situation in his war-torn country forced him to leave, the eight-year-old boy, Nael Traboulsi, did not hesitate to share his talent as a piano player with the audience of the TV show “Arabs’ Got Talent“.

Traboulsi has lost his piano amid bombings that destroyed his family’s house in the stricken city of Homs in Syria.

“I used to play piano, but it is gone, as well as our house which was destroyed,” Traboulsi told the judging panel during the show, adding that he “sadly” has to play the organ instead of the piano.

With his remarkable talent, the Syrian boy could impress the judging panel which granted him four times “yes”, to give him the opportunity to continue the second round of the competition and show the audience more of his talent.

Traboulsi challenged the prominent Libanese singer and member of the judging panel, Najwa Kara, to test his skills in recognizing musical notes. As the boy performed successfully during the test, Najwa said: “Nael Traboulsi has a dangerous talent, and he could recognize the notes which is not as easy task as it seems, even for those immersed in music.”

His story of losing his piano under shelling and bombings in Syria, beside his remarkable musical performance on Saturday, led the Arab media to describe Traboulsi as “the contestant who stole the show”.  

Ahmad Hilmi, a prominent Egyptian comedian and member of the jury, commented on Traboulsi’s performance saying: “I felt that I’m listening and looking to a small musician who lives in another world, without caring about what is happening around him,” directing his speech to the boy and adding: “Your soul was playing through your fingers.”

Traboulsi’s presence in the show was considered by many observers as a clear message against the ongoing devastative war in Syria, being recognized as “a call for peace and a harmonious civil life through music”. 


By: Adib Abdulmajid

Source: ARA News

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