Dozens of Kurdish detainees by FSA released in Aleppo



ARA News

Aleppo, Syria − In coordination with the FSA affiliated Kurdish brigade of Komela, the opposition’s Free Syrian Army (FSA) released on Tuesday 61 Kurdish detainees who were arrested by the FSA forces in Aleppo province last month.

Among the detainees where 47 civilians and 14 Kurdish fighters from the Jabhat al-Akrad battalion.

The Revolutionary Council of the Kurdish Komela brigade issued a statement on Wednesday confirming the release of the 61 Kurdish detainees by the FSA, “after serious efforts by the Komela leadership to reach a reconciliation in the area between both the FSA and the Kurdish factions”. 

A video footage published on the internet showed meetings with a group of people say they were “fighters in Jabhat al-Akrad brigade”, known by their names and they seem relatively young in most cases. They admit they joined the brigade for many reasons including  revolutionary reasons related to the desire to “fight the Assad regime”. The video shows a military commander from the Komela brigade telling the released fighters of Jabhat al-Akrad that “the PYD imposes its policies through arbitrary practices against the residents of the Kurdish areas.” 

Yasmin Mohammed, member of the Komela, told ARA News that before releasing the 61 Kurdish detainees, 24 other Kurdish prisoners were also imprisoned by the FSA battalions and the Islamist groups in different areas north Syria in mid-August, “but their destiny is still unknown”.

“The arrests against the Kurds began as the FSA’s leadershsip declared a so-called ‘war against the PKK in Syria’, considering the PKK’s affiliated groups as pro-Assad groups,” Mohammad said.  

The PKK affiliated Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its armed wing of the YPG and security group of the Asayish are accused of loyalty to the Assad regime.  

“The Komela and the FSA members generally take a different attitude from other Kurdish revolutionary groups,” Mohammad added. 

The Komela presents itself as “a gathering of Kurdish national revolutionary forces which believe in the Syrian revolution and its objectives”. It’s main goal is to guarantee the constitutional rights of the Kurdish people in Syria.  

The Komela is part of the “Sixteenth Brigade of the FSA”, that follows the Revolutionary Military Council in Aleppo, which is directly linked to the General Staff of the Free Syrian Army FSA, headed by Colonel Salim Idris. 

In a linked context, the PYD-linked news agency of ANHA described the FSA members who held a number of Kurds as detainees as “the mercenary groups”.

“More than 300 Kurdish civilians are detained by the mercenary groups of the FSA, only 30 of them are released so far,” ANHA reported on Wednesday. “The Kurdish detainees are being exposed to torture by the FSA mercenaries.” ANHA also emphasized that there are women among the detainees. 


Report by: Jomerd Jomi

Source: ARA News


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