In Damascus suburbs, civilians suffer the most under military siege



ARA News

Abu Dhabi, UAE– After three months of siege by the Syrian regime forces, residents of Mukhayam al-Yarouk in southern Damascus suffer poor humanitarian situation. 

More than 100,000 people in the area are living in a pitiful situation as the regime forces prevented thousands of civilians from leaving the besieged area which is being bombarded on a daily basis with all kinds of heavy weapons besides continuous arbitrary arrests, sources in the area told ARA News

Amid destruction and daily shelling, people in Mukhayam al-Yarmouk consumed all basic supplies they had. With the lack of wheat, sources revealed that the residents started grinding the lentils and the legumes to make bread. Grass is being used to feed the hungry children.   

In Mukhayam al-Yarmouk, where Palestinian refugees form a majority, dozens of children died recently due to the lack of infant formula and medicine, Local Coordination Committees in the area reported.   

On Sunday, a Sheikh in one of al-Yarmouk mosques issued a Fatwa (advisory opinion) in which he announced a legacy of eating flesh of dogs and cats to survive under the current hard humanitarian conditions. 

Residents of Mukhayam al-Yarmouk took to the street on Friday protesting against the continuous siege and bombardment of thousands of civilians in the area. 

Dozens of women and children died during the last three months in al-Yarmouk either due to the shelling or as a result of hunger. 

Mukhayam al- Yarmouk (al-Yarmouk camp) is considered the main area for Palestinian refugees in Damascus suburbs. It was first built as a refugee camp for Palestinians in 1957, and later the area grew to include many Syrian families.


Report by:  Rwaida al-Harfoush

Source: ARA News


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