Kurdish area bombed by pro-Assad air force



ARA News 

Girke Lege, Rumailan, Syria− The Syrian regime air force bombed the village of Alok in southern the oil-rich Kurdish city of Rumailan on Sunday.    

The village was targeted by several rockets, leaving extensive damage in Alok’s residential buildings, while the number of casualties is till unknown. 

Before the attack, a pro-regime helicopter roamed above Tel Kocher village, in the same area, where the al-Qaeda affiliated fighter of ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Sham) installed checkpoints recently.  

According to sources in the area, the recent operation of the Syrian air force caused a wave of displacements among residents. 

“The shelling also targeted the vicinity of Tel Alo south of Chel Agha/Jawadiyah which led to inflaming fire in one of the oil wells due to the infested natural gas in the area,” said Raman, a Kurdish activist in Rumailan who talked to ARA News on the phone. “The fire still runs in the oil well and no party took action yet.”  

According to Raman, the village of Tel Alo is currently under the control of the Ahrar al-Jazeera brigade −linked to the opposition’s Free Syrian Army (FSA). 

Fierce clashes took place recently near Tel Alo village between the Ahrar al-Jazeera brigade −established by Arab tribal forces in northern Syria− and Islamists of the ISIS. According to locals, the main reason behind the clashes was the al-Jazeera’s members’ refusal to back the ISIS against the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG)−who are in conflict with ISIS over control in Syria’s Kurdish regions. 

Jawad Haskawi, media spokesperson of the ISIS, said on his page on social networking site Facebook that the rifts increased between the ISIS and Ahrar al-Jazeera brigade during the last week, without revealing further details. 

Haskawi accused members of Ahrar al-Jazeera and its commander, Abdulrahman al-Jarba, of “stealing the region’s oil” and selling it for “personal benefit”. He added that the brigade will regret its refusal to cooperate with the ISIS to share control over Rumailan area. Haskawi said that the Ahrar al-Jazeera started  receiving weapons and military support from the Kurdish YPG forces. started 


Report by: Mir Yaqoob

Source: ARA News


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