Kurdish civilians killed by Islamists in Syria’s Afrin



ARA News

Afrin, Aleppo, Syria− Dozes of civilias were killed in the Kurdish city of Afrin due to the continuous crackdown by fighters of the Islamic Sate in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) against the city

The ISIS fighters, based in the city of Azaz in northern Aleppo, attacked Afrin by rockets for the second time this week.

The earlier attack on Wednesday caused three large explosions in residential neighborhoods in the Kurdish city of Afrin after being targeted by rockets. The explosions resulted in the death of dozens of civilians and the destruction of residential buildings in Afrin, sources inside the city said. 

The Thursday attacks by a;-Qaeda affiliated group of ISIS against Afrin included seven home-made mortars that have fallen on populated areas in the city, leaving massive damage and a number of wounded, eyewitnesses told  ARA News

As these missiles targeted several places in the city, two of them fell near the al-Qaws square at the entrance of Afrin, the third one landed at the Cultural Center, a fourth in al-Zaidiya, a fifth near the elementary school of Faisal Qaddour, and the sixth on a house in Mahmudiyah, while the seventh came on a residential building project. This information was confirmed by several sources inside Afrin.   

A Red Crescent volunteer who inspected the wounded in the targeted locations, told ARA News that most of the injuries are not very serious.

He provided ARA News with a number of the wounded names: Dalal Faisal (18 years old), Houriya Zehni (age unknown), Lava Hamdoush (6 years old), Silava Hamdoush (5 years old), Salwa Murad (78 years old), Muhammad Ali (10 years old), Amal Mustafa (37 years old), and Mustafa Hanan (50 years).

The Kurdish city of Afrin and its suburbs, in northern Aleppo, saw fierce clashes between the Kurdish forces of the YPG and members of the Islamic group of ISIS over the recent weeks, especially in villages of Jinderis and Qustul Jendo. 


Report by: Jiwan Afrini

Source: ARA News


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