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Tel Abyad/Girespi, Syria− Renewed fierce clashes broke out between the al-Qaeda affiliated group of the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) and the Kurdish forces of the Populat Protection Units (YPG) in villages in the suburbs of the city of Tel Abyad, on Friday.

The ISIS fighters were backed by members of the Islamic group of Hamza bin Abdulmuttalib battalion, during a renewed attack against the Kurdish villages near Tel Abyad. While in its alleged defence of the villages, the Kurdish YPG was supported by Jabhat al-Akrad battalion in Friday’s clashes.

According to activists in western Tel Abyad, two members of the Islamic armed groups were killed by the YPG snipers in the village of Mallouh.

The ISIS fighters reportedly targeted the villages of Fuweintah and Abdi Koi with a number of rockets, leaving damage in agricultural areas in these villages. 

“No casualties were reported among the YPG and al-Akrad forces,” an activist in Tel Abyad told ARA News

Media sources linked to al-Qaeda affiliated ISIS said that its leading member, Khalil al-Milho, was shot dead “by a Kurdish sniper” during Friday’s clashes in Mallouh village, north Syria. 

On Saturday, Sources in Tel Abyad said that bodies of two ISIS fighters were brought to the city.

“The identity of one of the dead fighters was identified as Ibrahim Hamoud, while the other’s identity is still unknown,” an informed source told ARA News

Observers see that although the ISIS fighters consider themselves “genuine participants” in the anti-Assad rebellion in Syria, they constantly refuse to cooperate with any rebel factions, even not with those of Islamic affiliations. According to members of the Syrian opposition, the ISIS group is accused of links to the Assad regime.


Report by: Ridwan Bizar

Source: ARA News


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