Islamic council impose blockade on Kurdish city of Afrin, north Syria



ARA News

Afrin, Aleppo, Syria− Residents of the Kurdish city of Afrin in northern Syria suffer hard economic situation due to a blockade of supplies imposed by an Islamic group in the area. 

The so-called Local Legislative Council in the city of Aleppo, southern Afrin, issued a statement last week, calling on opposition fighters to besiege the Kurdish area Afrin, which prevented the movement of vehicles carrying food supplies from entering the area.

The coucil, basically dominated by Islamists in Aleppo, accused the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) of cooperating with the Assad regime against opposition and Islamic formations in Syria.

“People who support the PYD in Afrin must be punished,” the Local Legislative Council in Aleppo said, adding that the area should be besieged by opposition groups, regardless of the harm such an action may cause to thousands of civilians in Afrin. 

Sources in Afrin revealed to ARA News that the city’s market lacks most of basic supplies.

“Food is running out of the market in Afrin. People cannot survive long under this condition,” a Kurdish activist in Afrin told ARA News on Saturday. “We demand all regional and international organizations to respond to the basic needs of thousands of civilians in Afrin. A serious humanitarian crisis will occur if nobody is willing to help us.” 

The remaining supplies in Afrin’s market are being sold with very high prices “that cannot be afforded by residents”, sources said. 

The Legislative Council-led blockade against Afrin forced dozens of Kurdish families to cross the borders to Turkey over the last few days, as all roads to the surrounding Syrian areas are completely closed.  

Shiyar Ali , a civil activist in Afrin, told ARA News that the life in Afrin has become “unbearable”.

“Everything is worsening over here. The price of a kilo of tomatoes raised to 300 Syrian pounds (usually 25 SP). People can barely survive under the current conditions caused by the Shariaa legislators in Aleppo,” Ali said. “They want to punish the entire population of Afrin for some disputes with the PYD.”  

Ibrahim Bakir, another activist in Afrin confirmed to ARA News that there is “an undeclared coordination” between the PYD and some battalions of the Free Syrian Army FSA   to impose blockade on the city in order to sell materials in high prices to people”. 

The goal of this coordination is to raise prices of basic supplies; it is merely commercial operation between the two parties at the expense of the people,” Bakir said. 



Reporting by: Jiwan Afrini

Source: ARA News

(Editing by: Adib Abdulmajid. Translation by: Abdul Ilah Ibrahim)




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