15 injured due to car explosion in Syria’s Afrin



ARA News

Afrin, Aleppo, Syria − The Kurdish city of Afrin in northern Syria saw a large explosion caused by a bombed car near the city centre on Friday.

A number of civilians were injured due to the explosion, activists reported.

Muhammad Hamo, a Kurdish activist in Afrin, told ARA News that the residents couldn’t verify the source of the explosion in the beginning.

“Only after minutes we could recognize the bombed car which exploded into pieces due to the apparent large amount of explosive materials uploaded, causing a considerable damage in the surrounding buildings,” he said. “First we thought that the area was targeted by shells or rockets.”

Sources in the National Hospital of Afrin told ARA News that 15 injuries were received, “the situation of most of them is stable”. 

Activists blamed Islamist fighters for Friday’s explosion. However, none of the Islamist groups adopted the operation. 

Since the end of November, the city of Afrin was exposed to continuous attacks by members of the al-Qaeda affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS). 


Reporting by: Jinda Ahmed

Source: ARA News


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