Civilians suffer under continuous power cut north Syria



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Girke Lege, Qamishli, Syria− With the prevalence of violence across the country, residents of Syria’s north-eastern areas suffer a constant cut of power since weeks.

Activists reported that the power is cut off in the the Kurdish city of Girke Lege and the surrounding villages, north-east of Syria.

According to sources, the governmental power company in the region is under the control of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) −armed wing of Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD)− as the Syrian regime handed over several governmental institutions and security divisions in the Kurdish areas to the PYD and its armed forces.

The PYD also runs the oil fields in Rumailan and gas station in Suwediya, near the Kurdish city of Qamishlo/Qamishli. Sources said that the party has signed agreements with the Syrian regime concerning maintenance of security in the region. 

A source at the Directorate of Electricity in Rumelan told ARA News that the YPG members repeatedly cut power in Girke Lege and Tirbespi/Qahtaniyah over the recent weeks.

“The PYD claims that the cut is needed for energy saving in the Kurdish areas, but this led hundreds of families to leave their homes and head to other cities,” the source (who preferred anonymity) said.

Activists said that the gas turbines in Tel Adas’ gas station, near Girke Lege, “has a sufficient capacity to generate adequate electricity to the entire Kurdish region”.

Reder Ibrahim, a technical engineer in Girke Lege area, told ARA News that the reason for cutting power in the region dates back to private contractor (closely linked to Assad family) who holds shares in an oil company in Iraq. 

“The contractor is a gas dealer who buys Iraqi gas and transfer it to Syria through Tel Kocher/Yarubiya border crossing to be sold in high prices,” Ibrahim said. “On the other hand, the current cooperation between the contractor (as representative of Assad regime in Girke Lege and Rumailan) and the PYD gave both parties the opportunity of exporting gas through Iraq, while Syrians are suffering under the current conditions.”

While the remarkable shortage of energy in the Kurdish region and the monopoly of certain parties (regime, PYD and private contractors), the price of a gas cylinder raised to 3500 SP, an amount that most of the Kurdish families cannot afford. The main Kurdish areas that suffer shortage of gas are Qamishlo, Derik and Girke Lege.


Reporting by: Mir Yaqoub

Source: ARA News


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