Syria’s Kurdish region to receive U.N. aid




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Amsterdam, Netherlands− On Sunday, the United Nations reportedly delivered the first batch of its humanitarian aid to the Kurdish areas in northeast of Syria. 

The U.N. said that over the next 12 days “more food and winter supplies” will be delivered to Syria’s northeast by air from Iraqi Kurdistan.

U.N. planes will be carrying humanitarian aid from Erbil to reach Syria’s Hasakah governorate in one-hour flight. 

Since May, the Kurdish areas in Syria suffer a sharp shortage in basic supplies, including food. With the start of the increasingly cold winter, beside the unprecedented snowstorm that sweeps across the region, civilians needs for food and winter supplies mounted in northern Syria. 

According to the U.N., two planes are specified to do around 23 rotations within the coming 12 days, carrying more than 10 planeloads of food, which its said will be sufficient to feed more than 6,000 families in Syria’s northeast until the end of December. 

Syrians suffer the third winter of a devastating war, since March 2011. Hundreds of thousands of civilians crossed borders into neighbouring countries looking for shelter, but the shortage of basic supplies remains critical, especially in winter. 

In a linked development, the UNHCR reported a plan to deliver around 300 tons of humanitarian aid to support more than 60,000 displaced Syrians, including sleeping mats, blankets and kitchen sets. On its part, the UNICEF declared the preparation of a planeload containing health aid and sanitation supplies to be sent to northern Syria. 

“We have been particularly worried about the situation of children and families in the northern parts of Syria because of the insecurity and limited access,” said Maria Calivis, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East. “These airlifts will help ensure they have access to safe water and health care through the tough winter months ahead.”

The U.N. issued a statement saying that the Syrian and Iraqi governments gave the permission for its current aid plan. 

Last week, a U.N. report referred to people in urgent need for humanitarian aid in Syria’s northeast, where Kurds constitute a majority, saying that more than 60,000 civilians there suffer under poor humanitarian conditions, adding that the those areas were out of reach.

The ongoing war in Syria −started as peaceful protests against the Syrian regime and descended later into a civil war− claimed lives of more than 125,000 people. 


By: Adib Abdulmajid

Source: ARA News


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