Amid war, patients in Syria’s Qamishli receive efficient medical treatment




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Qamishli, Syria− Years ago, patients in Syria’s northeastern areas would be transferred to hospitals of Damascus, when having to undergo surgeries.  

The city of Qamishli didn’t suffer from a huge shortage in the medical field in the last few years. However, it lacked some sophisticated medical equipment and specific practical expertises, the fact which obliged people to head to Damascus and pay large sums of money for treatment.   

As a result of the ongoing civil war in Syria and the return of many doctors who were based in cities like Damscus to their hometown in the northeast, hospitals in Qamishli started to witness conduct of organ-specific surgeries carried out for the first time in the region. The surgeries include joint replacement, knee arthroscopy, hip dislocation surgeries and surgeries of the cotyloid cavity.

Orthopedics specialist in Al-Nur hospital, M.D. Saeed Ali, told ARA News: “Such surgeries were carried out in Damascus for lack of adequate expertises in Qamishli, and the recent conduct of such surgeries seems more efficient for people who used to travel and pay high sums of money in order to be treated.”

According to Ali, organ-specific surgeries in Qamishli showed “excellent results”. 

“We have started conducting these surgeries with excellent results, especially with the joint replacement surgery, which is one of the most difficult surgeries and was earlier limited to the Assad University Hospital in Damascus, or abroad. By now, this surgery is available at Al-Nur Hospital in Qamishli city, and lasts for merely two hours.”

Ali added that more than 50 surgeries for children with deformities were carried out in the city of Qamishli within one year.    

Abdul Muttelib, a patient who has undergone a joint replacement surgery recently, told ARA News that he feels better after the surgery and can move his leg easily now, and that doctor Ali assured him that he will be able to walk within a couple of days.

Welat Ali, a surgical assistant, stated in an interview with ARA News that the current war has brought about various barriers to the medical field in the area. 

“The ongoing civil war resulted in different kinds of difficulties for medical centers and hospitals, especially with regard to the medical supplies and necessary items,” he said. “Some medicines arrive in Qamishli while expired and unusable, others are being either lost on the way to the city or confiscated by armed groups. The delay of medication and treatment considerable harms the patients and worsens their status. In spite of all these constraints, we strive in our hospital (Al-Nur) to provide patients with urgently needed treatment, including surgeries.” 

The current war circumstances in Syria largely harmed the medical field and claimed lives of thousands of patients. In war-torn cities, field hospitals were established, but their work remains critical under poor conditions and lack of sufficient aid. The Syrian city of Qamishli, where Kurds constitute a majority of the population, seems to be doing better than other areas in the medical field, especially with the efforts of local medical centers and hospitals to struggle against the difficulties and apparent shortage of medical supplies. 


Reporting by: Hewa Ali

Source: ARA News


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