Kurdish families displaced as violence prevails north Syria



ARA News

Tel Abyad, Raqqa, Syria− Sporadic clashes took place between the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) and Islamists in the villages of the Kitkaniyeh and Birkino, west of Tel Abyad city in Syria’s north, on Monday.

According to activists in the area, the villages were exposed to rocket shells over hours by Islamist battalions, causing a large campaign of displacement among civilians, of whom Kurds constitute a majority.

The YPG, in control in several Kurdish areas in Syria, tries to take over every Kurdish village and city, especially those under the control of Islamist forces or the Free Syrian Army (FSA). 

Activists reported that civilians in Tel Abyad/Girespi city and its suburbs suffer a sharp shortage of basic supplies, water scarcity and sporadic cut of power since clashes erupted between the YPG and Islamists, December 2012.

Most of the Kurdish areas in Syria suffer a constant cut of power, the fact that led thousands of families to leave their villages and cities and resort to neighbouring areas. The majority of Syrian Kurds cross the borders into Iraqi Kurdistan, others resort to Turkey. 


Reporting by: Hana Muslim

Source: ARA News


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