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Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan− In a new development in the case of the gang-raped Syrian Kurdish refugee girl in Iraqi Kurdistan, the police department of Erbil city declared in a statement on Thursday the arrest of the six men involved in the gang-raping of the 16 year-old girl.  

The statement said that “a 16 year-old Syrian refugee girl in the Kurdistan Region lodged a rape complaint by six men”, pointing out to the arrest of the six men who raped the girl “after thorough investigations carried out by the police”, and that the accused men admitted their crime.  

The victim was reportedly kidnapped on January 6, 2014 by six citizen men of the Iraqi Kurdistan, and was afterwards gang-raped.

Details of the case 

On Monday evening, January the 6th, three young men who happen to be residents of Erbil sought a market in the city to buy some stuff, one of them entered the shop while the two others stayed in the car. The man noticed that an employee (the victim) speaks Arabic on the phone, and when he came back to his friends, they decided together to rape her. They kept then waiting for her inside their car till she showed up outside the shop.

As the girl finished her work, she left heading home. It is then when one of the executers approached her and forced her into the car by dragging her from hair. After they had raped her, they called three other friends who came and raped her in their turn.

Condemnation protests

Hundreds of Syrian Kurdish refugees demonstrated on Thursday in front of the Parliament of Iraqi Kurdistan in the capital city Erbil to condemn the rape incident. The demonstrators called for holding the offenders accountable for their crime, demanding the protection of the Syrian refugees from exploitation.

Media activists who participated in the demonstration stated to ARA News: “By taking to the street, we intended to put pressures on the concerned authorities to intensify their efforts in order to arrest the criminals, and to put an end to the violations practised against the Syrian refugees in the Kurdistan Region”.   

Meanwhile, the Council of Civil Organizations in Iraqi Kurdistan condemned the rape incident and asked the security forces “not to tolerate the crime, to do a thorough investigation and to punish the criminals”.

About 300 thousands Syrian refugees live in the Iraqi Kurdistan as it is considered to be the first destination for Kurdish refugees, according to the estimations of some humanitarian organizations. Refugees suffer from laws which restrict their freedom of movement, while humanitarian dangers are in increase because of poor services in the refugee camps. According to official estimations declared by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), more than 150,000 refugees live in these camps, mainly in the suburbs of Duhok, Erbil and Suleimaniye, apart from those who live inside the cities of the Region. 


Reporting by: Ehmed Herbi. 

Source: ARA News


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