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Dr. Abdul Razzaq Eid is a Syrian writer, researcher and prominent politician. He is a member of the Revival of Civil Society Committee and is the head of Damascus Declaration Group of Syrian opposition in the diaspora.

In an interview with ARA News, Dr. Eid said that the international community has many options regarding the conflict in Syria.

“If the Geneva peace talks between delegations of the opposition and the Syrian regime would fail to reach an efficient solution, the Syrian crisis could be referred then to the Security Council and include references to Chapter VII or threaten of force again to put Syria under an international supervision,” Eid said. “Such a step can also lead to the establishment of a safe haven and humanitarian corridors for displaced civilians, and impose a no-fly zone in support of the opposition forces militarily.”

However, Dr. Eid believes that it all depends on the complicated and contradicted strategies of the major powers and whether the international community reaches a final resolution regarding the status of the Syrian regime.

According to Eid, there will be no military intervention in Syria or repeat of past conflict experiences like in Iraq or Libya. He sarcastically justified his viewpoint saying: “Because the international community has never lied to us (Syrian opposition) since the outbreak of the revolution and never claimed that it would intervene.”

Dr. Eid ascribed the difficulty to put an end to the continuous bloodshed in Syria to “the criminal will of the Assad ‘gangs’ (militias) and their determination to bring the country to ruin if Assad is meant to be overthrown”. He added that some other factors have contributed to the growing crisis in Syria.

“The brutality and suppressive practices of the Shabbiha militia (pro-Assad militia) against civilians, especially women and children, enhanced sense of hostility among the different components of the Syrian society, which gradually led to a sectrarian conflict,” Dr. Eid told ARA News.

Answering a question on the existence of extremist (terrorist) groups in Syria and their participaton in the conflict, he said: “The only terrorism we face in Syria is that of the Syrian regime, and the ISIL (al-Qaeda affiliated group which fights in Syria) is merely a product of the Assad regime, which was basically created to enhance sectarianism and help Assad in his propaganda to persuade the international community that his conflict is only against terrorists and that he is the protector of minorities, which is absolutely untrue.”

“We will not allow them (pro-Assad militias and al-Qaeda) to make Syria a second Afghanistan,” Eid emphasized. 

Regarding a potential division of Syria due to the war conditions, Eid stressed: “Syria is not only a geographical entity, but also a civil identity which absorbed the ethnical and religious diversity in Syria. The perceived sectarian charactersistic of the current conflict in Syria is the product of the Assad regime which was for decades sheltered by minority groups but never protected them.”


Interviewed by: Zara Seyda

Source: ARA News


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