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Daraa, Syria− Over the last four days, the southern Syrian province of Daraa saw escalating military operations as the Syrian air force launched crackdowns against cities and towns in Daraa province with warplanes and helicopters, beside fierce artillery shelling. The targeting reportedly claimed the lives of dozens of civilians.  

Haitham al-Nissar, a media activist based in Daraa city, told ARA News that the regime forces targeted Jasim city in the countryside of Daraa with explosive barrels, killing 9 civilians and injuring 10 others who were taken to a field hospital in the city. A number of them were seriously injured.

“7 civilians, among them children, were killed as the regime warplanes bombarded Tafas city. While 20 others were injured and taken to the field hospital, while those seriously injured were taken to Jordanian hospitals,” al-Nissar said. 

The district of Tariq al-Sad in Daraa city was also bombarded by the Syrian air force, resulting in a number of injuries among civilians.

Al-Naemeh town was similarly targeted, but no casualties were reported. 

Meanwhile, pro-regime helicopters dropped explosive barrels on Sayeda town in Daraa suburb, resulting in large damage in residential buildings.

This came as districts in Daraa al-Balad were hit with artillery shelling stationed in the nearby Panorama Artillery Battalion. A number of injuries were reported. 

Leaders of the armed opposition in Daraa province stated to media outlets that they are preparing for an extended military operation against the Syrian regime forces, as rebels of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) took control over sites which belonged to the regime forces in the city. 


Reporting by: Hamada Hamad

Source: ARA News


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