Doctors in the Service of Humanity: campaign launched in Syria’s Qamishli



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Qamishli, Syria− A number of doctors of different specialities in Qamishli city initiated a campaign on Monday to help patients who are unable to afford the required expenses of treatment due to the difficult living conditions in the area amid the ongoing war in Syria.  

Under the banner “Doctor in the Service of Humanity”, dozens of doctors participated in the campaign under the sponsorship of the Kurdish Youth Movement (TCK). 

Patients are provided with inspection cards, which allow them to receive medical treatment on free-basis or half price in the clinics of the participant doctors in the city of Qamishli, northeast of Syria.  

Alan Temir, representative of the TCK in Qamishli city, stated to ARA News that the campaign practically started on Monday, under the supervision of the TCK’s local committees in Qamishli/Qamishlo.  

Temir explained that the inspection cards will be distributed at the TCK’s local offices, and the committees will bear the responsibility of facilitating the process. 

“The inspection cards will be given to the patients after evaluating the health and financial condition of the applicants. Afterwards, the patients will be referred to the participant specialist doctors. In addition to that, specific seminars will be presented to help people maintain health, to introduce them with the common diseases in the city and the protection methods,” Temir said. 

As the economic conditions are in a continuous deterioration since the start of the ongoing crisis, nearly three years ago,  affording the expenses of treatment of medicines constitutes an additional burden for those who lack sources of income. Residents of the city of Qamishli, among other areas in Syria, suffer the absence of a health care system, which makes initiatives such as the “Doctors in the Service of Humanity” campaign of a significant importance for those in need. 


Reporting by: Judi Aziz

Source: ARA News


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