FSA rebels advance in areas near Syria’s Daraa




ARA News

Daraa, Syria– The opposition armed forces of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) continued advancing against the Syrian regime in Daraa province as the FSA rebels took control over a checkpoint of the regime forces on Monday.    

Haitham Nissar, a media activist based in Daraa city, told ARA News that the FSA fighters controlled a regime checkpoint in al-Kehrba area, near to al-Gharbiya town, after sporadic clashes with the regime forces. 

“At least 20 pro-regime soldiers were killed, while one FSA fighter was killed and 4 others were injured during the clashes on Monday,” Nissar said.   

In its turn, the Syria regime military targeted the area with heavy artillery −stationed in Brigade 52 in al-Hirak city. The regime forces have also used surface-to-surface missiles during the crackdown on Daraa area, south of Syria. According to local sources, no casualties fell among civilians.   

Meanwhile, the regime forces positioned at the Syrian-Jordanian border crossing attacked the town of Nassib with rockets. 

The town of Muzereeb in Daraa’s suburb was also targeted on Monday evening by the pro-Assad forces’ artillery shelling −stationed in the Artillery Battalion close to Daraa. 

Likewise, cities and towns of Da’el, al-Yadudeh, al-Naemeh and Sheikh Miskin were attacked with artillery shelling by regime forces stationed in various headquarters in the countryside of Daraa, but no casualties were reported. 


Reporting by: Ahmad Hammad

Source: ARA News 


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