Kurdish YPG seizes bordering town of Jazaa, north Syria



ARA News

Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan– The Media Center of the Kurdish forces of the YPG declared that its fighters seized on Sunday the Jazaa town at the Syrian-Iraqi borders. 

In an official statement, the Popular Protection Units (YPG) −military arm of the Democratic Union Party (PYD)− said that the town of Jazaa in Syria’s northeastern province of Hasaka was controlled by their forces on Sunday after the withdrawal of the Islamic groups. 

According to the statement, the YPG forces launched on Saturday evening an extensive military crackdown against fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham Brigade on three fronts along the lines which connect the villages of Hadad, Tel Alo and Tel Kojer near the Iraqi borders. 

“Our crackdown was planned to take revenge for our YPG martyrs (killed by the Islamic armed groups in Tel Hamis in Hasaka province nearly two months ago),” the statement said. 

The YPG forces seized weapons which belonged to the Islamic groups, including two heavy machine guns, an RPG launcher, 6 Kalashnikov rifles, a medium machine gun and 5 four-wheel drive cars, in addition to different kinds of ammunitions.

“Dozens of casualties in the ranks of the Islamic opposition groups were reported, including three dead bodies which fell in the hands of the YPG forces,” the YPG statement added.  

The YPG Media center said that the crackdown was carried out after getting information that these groups −ISIL, al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham− are preparing “terrorist attacks” against safe areas in “Rojava” (Syrian areas where Kurds constitute a majority).

A number of local Arab tribes have reportedly supported the Kurdish forces of the YPG during the operations, including al-Shammar tribe. 

“We (YPG) will fight against all forces which try to destabilize the security of our people and our region, and we will continue our operations against these groups until we cleanse our areas from their (Islamic groups) practices,” the YPG statement concluded. 


Reporting by: Ehmed Herbi

Source: ARA News


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