Pro-Qaeda women battalions formed in Syria’s Raqqa



ARA News

Urfa, Turkey− The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) announced the formation of two women battalions in Raqqa province in northern Syria. The ISIL −affiliated with al-Qaeda− called on single women to join the two battalions, according to activists. 

Single women aged 18 to 25 have been called upon to join the ISIL-led battalions. Women who are willing to fully join the ranks of these battalions, will be compensated with an amount of 25,000SP ($170) per month, activists reported on basis of an announcement distributed in Raqqa city.

On Sunday, members of the recently established women battalions conducted security patrols in Raqqa city and set up checkpoints to inspect female passers-by.

Meanwhile, ARA News couldn’t make sure of the accuracy of news distributed by activists based in Raqqa city which talked about another order issued by the ISIL which imposes on divorced and widow women to provide “sexual services for jihadist rebels” (referred to as sexual jihad). 

Hivaron Sharif, an activist in the Kurdish Hiro Women Association and a member of the Syrian National Coalition, told ARA News that the sexual jihad promoted by the ISIL is an enactment against the Islamic sharia itself. 

According to Sharif, such schemes are designed by the Syrian regime. She pointed out the dangers of such practices saying that these groups “use sex as a tool to induce young men and women to obtain membership and support”.

“Moreover, they promise them martyrdom, Gardens of Delight and 72 virgins after death,” Sharif said. “By brainwashing their members, they (ISIL) drive them to commit the most heinous crimes.”

Sharif warned that people have to be aware of the dangerous consequences which the practices of these extremist groups may bring to the region’s future. Sharif also called on women to protect themselves and their dignity. 

Hevi Qajo, a member of trustees board of the Kurdish Organization for Defending Human Rights and Public Freedom in Syria, told ARA News: “Sexual jihad is a scheme designed by the Syrian security services. The regime agents make up such stories to draw the attention of the international community and the moderate Syrians to this phenomenon, as such acts are rejected by the Syrian society.”  

“It mainly serves the regime’s agendas to humiliate the Syrian people who revolted against it,” Qajo concluded.  


Reporting by: Ridwan Bizar

Source: ARA News


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