Among Syria’s northern areas, Amude scores highest on bread production



ARA News

Amude, Syria– Unlike the situation in other northeastern areas in Syria, the production of bread and the supply of flour in Amude city is reportedly stable as the existing mills in the area are able to meet the city’s provision of flour −which ranges between 9.5-12 tons everyday.   

According to locals, the only bread factory in the city is still under the regime’s administration and the factory employees still get paid by the state. The mills which supply the city’s bread factory with flour are also run by the state.

Residents of most of Syria’s northeastern areas suffer an acute shortage of bread and other basic supplies. However, the situation in Amude is apparently different. 

Ahmad Mohammed Karmi, the former chairman of the commission of services of the Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC), told ARA News that the commission decided at the beginning of 2013 to authorize approved distributors to ease the pressure on the bread factory in Amude.

“60 distributors have been commissioned in the different neighbourhoods of the city (Amude) as each one is provided with 100 bread packages everyday,” Karmi said. 

“The city’s bread factory also has a substituent of flour enough for 5-6 days in emergency situations,” he added. 

The bread factory of Amude has 4 bread selling points across the city, which are daily provided with 500 bread packages each. One bread package is sold for 15 SP, local sources said. 

Notably, there is only one bread factory in Amude beside several stone ovens which sell bread that is semi-automatically made. While the city suffers like other areas in Syria from shortage of food substances.


Reporting by: Peshwa Mohammed

Source: ARA News


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