SNC to renew passports of Syrian expatriates



ARA News

Nusaybin, Turkey– Ambassador of the Syrian National Coalition for Revolutionary Forces and the Opposition (SNC) in Qatar, Nizar al-Hiraki, stated to media outlets that the SNC is to renew passports of Syrian citizens in the next few days, adding that they are making efforts to provide Syrians with such a service.  

Al-Hiraki stated that the sticker of validity extension of the (Syrian) passport has been printed “in conformity with regulations and principles”, and that they are waiting for the end of the encoding process.

“We have also contacted and informed the concerned countries and authorities,” al-Hiraki said.

Shivan Ala, a Syrian based in Turkey, told ARA News that many Syrian refugees in Turkey and other countries are unable to renew their passports because they can’t return to Syria.

“They (Syrian’s whose passports are expired) live in a crisis because they are unable to renew their passports which requires the approval of the regime’s security departments and authorities,” Ala said.    

“Passports’ renewal by the SNC will help us to avoid troubles, especially after the prevalence of the phenomenon of buying false passports and documents from passport brokers who misuse our condition to make money,” he argued. 

According to media sources, the SNC-issued passport validity extension sticker will have the eagle of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) on it, the renewal date and place, the expiry date, a stamping and signature, in addition to the passport number.


Reporting by: Zara Sayda

Source: ARA News


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