Syria Islamists slice off hand of alleged thief, enforcing strict Shariaa



ARA News

Amsterdam, the Netherlands− Members of the al-Qaeda splinter group of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) sliced on Friday the right hand of a Syrian young man for alleged theft. 

The ISIL members said that the man has admitted his crimes and “asked to cut off his hand in order to cleanse his sins”. The execution was carried out in public in the town of Maskanah, northern the Syrian city of Aleppo. 

A photo published online by the al-Qaeda-linked Jihad News showed the man blindfolded and his hand held on a table by ISIL members, one of them holding a knife preparing to cut off the man’s right hand. The incident was apparently attended by some elite members of ISIL group and other residents of Maskanah. 

The ISIL group reportedly attempts to enforce strict Islamic rules of Shariaa in areas under the group’s domination in northern Syria. The group claims conflict against the Syrian regime. However, its major military operations are being carried out against other rival rebel groups, including Islamist battalions.

ISIL’s strict practices prevailed over areas of domination, especially in the city of Raqqa where Christians were reportedly demanded to pay levy to the group’s members in return for alleged protection.

Activists said that the ISIL fighters have also imposed veil on women in Raqqa, adding that the group has established Shariaa advocacy headquarters to prosecute those who violate the regulations.


By: Adib Abdulmajid 

Source: ARA News


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