Syria Kurds revive third anniversary of uprising



ARA News

Girke Lege, Qamishli, Syria– Thousands of locals gathered in Girke Lege town in northeastern Syria on Saturday to commemorate the third anniversary of the anti-regime protests in Syria, responding to a request by the local committee of the Kurdish National Council (KNC). 

The participants observed a minute of silence to honour “the people who have died for Syria”. Revolutionary songs were played, and poems were presented by several Kurdish poets, depicting “the tragedy of Syrian people and the regime’s oppression”.

In the name of the local council of KNC, Qahraman Hame gave a speech affirming that the Kurds are “an essential part of the Syrian revolution”.

Hame also referred to the Kurdish uprising in 2004 “against the oppression of the regime” −during which more than 40 Syrian Kurds were killed, 500 injured and at least 7000 detained in several Kurdish areas in Syria. 

“Due to the awareness of Kurdish people, they were not driven into the war despite all the attempts,” Hame said.

Dr. Shiyar Suleiman, a participant in the gathering, told ARA News: “The KNC’s objection to engage in the armed struggle was due to the circumstances of the Kurdish people in Syria and their belief in a peaceful revolution.”

Notably, residents of Girke Lege town and the surrounding villages were among the first Kurdish cities and towns who took to the street when peaceful protests started in Syria, three years ago. 


Reporting by: Azad Jamkari

Source: ARA News


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