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Kobane, Syria− The city of Kobane in northern Syria is since 6 months besieged by the group of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).   

The local committee of the Kurdish National Council (KNC) in the city of Kobane/Ain el-Arab issued a statement earlier this week, addressing the United Nations and the international humanitarian and civil society organizations.

“Kobane and its countryside shelter around 750,000 internally displaced Syrians who suffer from unjust siege,” the statement read. “For six months now, residents of Kobane have been deprived from water and electricity as the resources are under the control of the terrorist and extremist group of ISIL.”

KNC’s local committee in Kobane called on the international community to immediately intervene to lift the siege and provide water and electricity to the residents.

The statement also addressed the world media to “bear its responsibility towards this crime against humanity by ending current blackout”.

“Kobane’s humanitarian crisis is a stigma against humanity,” the statement emphasized.

Mahmoud Kalo, member of KNC’s local committee in Kobane, stated to ARA News: “The Kurdish National Council is part of the Syrian Coalition for Revolutionary Forces and Opposition (SNC), and is obliged to play an essential role in lifting the siege on Kobane.”

“The current situation requires mutual intervention to stop the practices of the radical groups (in reference to ISIL), to lift the siege and deliver humanitarian aid to tens of thousands of people.”

Kalo expressed his optimism towards the possible response of the humanitarian organizations and other concerned parties to the KNC’s appeal.


Reporting by Rozbehan Saed

Source: ARA News


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