Syria rebels advance in Idlib countryside



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Aleppo, Syria– On Friday, at least 20 regime soldiers were killed and others injured during clashes with Islamic divisions and fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the southern countryside of Idlib city.  

Hani Abdulaziz, an activist based in Khan Shaykhon town (south of Idlib), told ARA News that the clashes led to the control of the opposition forces over Babolin town and al-Salihiya village −which were under the domination of the regime forces for nearly one year. Abdulaziz added that the clashes resulted in the killing of 20 regime soldiers and the injury of dozens of others, while losses in the ranks of the opposition groups are yet unknown.

“The clashes were part of a huge military operation launched by a number  of rebel groups, including the Islamic Front, Jabhat al-Nusra and other FSA-led battalions, aiming at regaining control over Khan Shaykhon city in the countryside of Idlib,” Abdulaziz said. 

On Thursday, fierce clashes took place in several districts in Khan Shaykhon, mainly near the checkpoints of Bossaliya, al-Talawi, al-Kharattim and al-Zayt, resulting in the death of 10 regime soldiers and 2 FSA fighters. 

With the control of the opposition forces over Babolin town and al-Salihiya village, Syria rebels have practically dominated the vicinity of Wadi al-Daif Military Camp and al-Hamidiya Camp (where pro-Assad forces are based) south of Idlib city, imposing constraints on the movement of regime forces in the two camps after cutting off the military supply routes to them from the northern countryside of Hama and Latakia. 


Reporting by: Haya al-Abdullah

Source: ARA News


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