Civilians suffer shortage of bread in Syria’s Kurdish area


Residents of Kobane suffer shortage of bread. File photo: ARA News

ARA News

Kobane, Syria− Since the start of the Syrian crisis three years ago, bakeries and gristmills in northern and northeastern parts of Syria have faced difficulties in producing bread and flour required to cover the needs of residents in those areas.

Mohamad Saleh Kerro, bakery manager in the Kurdish town of Sheran since 1991, told ARA News: “Since the establishment of this bakery, we faced no obstacles in the production process. We allocate 2 tons of flour to cover the locals’ need. We also distribute bread for free on thirteen poor and displaced families, and also families of the ‘YPG martyrs’ (military wing of the Democratic Union Party ‘PYD’). We have eleven workers subsisting six families.

“However, when we went to get flour last Friday, we were surprised that  the PYD stopped providing the town with flour, claiming that they want to halt the bakery work and increase the production of bread in the nearby city of Kobane,” Kerro said. 

“We are able to provide the flour required for producing bread, but the PYD interferes in the bakery’s work,” he said, adding that several villages in Kobane countryside, including Kunda Osa and Tel Hageb, receive bread only twice a week. “There is an urgent need for bread in these areas.”

According to Kerro, the bread parcel produced in Sheran bakery contains 12 loafs and costs 65 Syrian Liras, “while in Kobane it is 75 SL and the weight is manipulated.”

“We are willing to host any committee from any Kurdish actor, any time, to inspect the distribution mechanism and the weight of bread parcels. Once before, we hosted a committee from the PYD-led People’s House and they took a sample of the bread to the supplies committee and said it was less than the normal weight.”

Locals argue that the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its allies aim at depriving Sheran town from the right to bread production by cutting off basic supplies from the town.

Kerro demanded the Kurdish National Council (KNC) −political body in dispute with the PYD− to assign a permanent inspector in Sheran bakery “to reveal PYD’s unjust decision”.

“The KNC should take a serious step towards the PYD’s policies and to help our bakery (in Sheran town) to re-operate in order to provide the locals with bread,” manager of Sheran bakery appealed. 


Reporting by: Dilbijeen Abdullah 

Source: ARA News


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