Nominated for new term: Assad supporters take to street



ARA News

Qamishlo, Syria− Supporters of the Syrian regime in Hasaka city organized on Wednesday a march to show loyalty to President Bashar al-Assad who is nominated for a third term of presidency amid the ongoing crisis. 

The participants emphasized the “significant role of the Syrian Arab Army in fighting ‘terrorism’ (in reference to Syria rebels)”, and endorsed the “national constants and the constitutional entitlement of the new presidential elections”, according to the slogans lifted in the march.

The proponents of the ruling Baath Party and the employees and school students were the most prominent participants.

Nedal Ayo, an activist based in Hasaka, stated to ARA News:”Alongside with marches, the Baath Party proponents put up a tent in front of the cultural center of the city to support President Bashar al-Assad and his (presidential) campaign.”

Activist Ayman Othman, from Qamishli city, asserted to ARA News “a march supporting the Syrian regime took place in Qamishli city. Participants took to the street by their cars and motorcycles carrying the photos of President Bashar al-Assad and the Baath Party’s flags, and iterating cheers for the president and the (pro-regime) Syrian army.”

Several marches supporting Assad’s election campaign took place in different Syrian cities earlier this week, including Damascus, Tartus, Latakia, As-Sweida, al-Quneitra and some neighbourhoods in Homs.

The Syrian state TV mentioned on Tuesday that President Bashar al-Assad decided to participate in the presidential elections held next June. 


Reporting by Judi Aziz 

Source: ARA News


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