Syria rebels to take action against ISIL following execution of media activist


ARA News

Urfa, Turkey− In a statement released on Thursday, rebels of al-Jihad Brigade vowed al-Qaeda splinter group of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) to take action in response to the killing and torturing prisoners are exposed to in the ISIL-held Raqqa province in Syria.

The leadership of the brigade particularly referred to the killing of media activist al-Moataz Bellah Ibrahim, who was executed by ISIL members without known reason a few days ago in Tel Abyad city in Raqqa province.

“We treat their captives (in reference to ISIL’s) in accordance with the law of God, we do not kill them without right,” the statement of al-Jihad Brigade read. “However, after all the crimes committed against our people by the gangs of al-Baghdadi (ISIL leader), we will revenge for the martyr al-Moataz Bellah Ibrahim and all the martyrs of Raqqa.”

The statement pointed out that members of al-Jihad Brigade “will respond to the ISIL aggression within 48 hours from the issuance of the statement”.

Noteworthy, ISIL executed al-Moataz Bellah Ibrahim, the Sham News Network correspondent, in the city of Raqqa on Sunday and his body was handed over to his family on Wednesday. Ibrahim was arrested three months ago in the city of Tel Abyad in northeastern Syria.

Reporting by: Hana Muslim

Source: ARA News

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